Prayer for Religious Vocations

Most Pure spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph we implore your assistance to help guide humble, healthy, and holy women to this new community of women which is a call from the heart of Jesus. Help them to know the divine will of God and embrace the vocation which He has destined for them. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

*Written by the Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion

Signs of a Calling

•  A willingness to give up lesser but more appealing goods for the greater, spiritual ones. 

•  A spirit of Mercy that inspires one to generously and joyfully give all to share the message of God’s Mercy.

•  The willingness to leave all in order to live for Christ alone.

•  A desire to be religious, or a conviction that becoming a religious is the surest way for one to glorify God and save souls​.

•  A purity of intention to grow in virtue in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Questions to ask yourself:

• Do I have the desire to give myself entirely to God and others?

• Do I believe that God loves me and has a specific mission/plan/vocation for me?

• Have I asked God and been open to being called to religious life, or some form of consecrated life?

• Do I have the desire and determination to give myself entirely to God and others through a life of prayer and the spiritual and corporal works of Mercy?

• Do I have a willingness to let go of all things in order to respond to God’s call?

• Do I have the purity of intention and a joyful spirit

Formation Process

1. Candidacy

After visiting and discerning her call to Religious Life, a young woman applies and is accepted for entrance. (approx. 1 year)

2. Postulancy

Begin living in community and sharing in prayer and apostolic life. Participating in formation classes. (approx. 1 year)

3. Novitiate

Two years of intense prayer and study in preparation for the profession of vows of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and Mercy. Continued work in the Apostolate.

4. Professed

Lives the vows and renews them each year for five years with continuing formation.

5. Final Professed

A Sister vows her life to God perpetually and believes in continuous formation as she strives for perfection.

Religious Apparel

Ring – Marian Consecration Ring

Necklace – Silver chain with a Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict Crucifix


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My name is Sarah Poirier, I started discerning religious life when I was a senior in high school. I went to many religious communities looking for where God was calling me. Eventually I was invited to attend a discernment retreat at the Divine Mercy Center for a newly created community of women. I went on this weekend of retreat and experienced a peace that I had never felt before. I always heard sisters say “You’ll know where God wants you when you feel at home.” This peace that I felt definitely made me feel like I was at home. Over this weekend, I discerned that this was where God was calling me to live as a Religious. I had waited ten years to find God’s place for me and now I knew that God had been preparing something new just for me.

I entered the Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion in the first incoming group of women. I was not really sure what to expect. So much started happening in my life. I soon found out what working in ministry is like and how much there was to learn. I was learning more about my faith and new forms of prayer. Since the beginning I have been able to grow spiritually. I cannot wait to keep growing in this community. Jesus, I trust in You!

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My name is Carla Reyna and I am currently a Postulant with an emerging community of women, the Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion. I was raised Catholic and celebrated all of the Sacraments with joy. I have served as a missionary before and after college where I felt a strong call to give my life to something beautiful and true.

During college I experienced confusion and temporarily ignored my Catholic faith. With the grace of God, truth Himself, Jesus Christ, pursued me and I began the process of journeying back to my home in the Catholic Church. And then… I felt a slow but sure sense of a call to Religious Life. After a lengthy discernment and personal growth in understanding the treasures of the Church, I felt an attraction to the message of Divine Mercy. I followed the call. And it’s only the beginning!